Modular houses

Order your holiday home with sauna and bedroom.

We offer small, medium, large size homes of your choice. Quality, work experience in Scandinavian countries, fast production and installation in your facility. Modern solutions at affordable prices. Flexibility in terms of customer preferences and planning changes, which should not be feared, because it does not always increase the price of the object.

We will jointly create the desired layout of the premises according to their application, coordinate the dimensions of windows and doors, directions of turn, finishing materials, their color, type of roof and material.

According to the client’s wishes, we supplement the object with terrace coverings, canopies, verandas, tubs, carports, farm outbuildings. Project development, detailed drawings. In the construction of larger buildings, we cooperate with a professional Architect’s office.


We build modular houses all year round.

We are at your service, call, write, meet and together create your holiday or residential house. It is possible to create visualizations for your potential building or veranda.

Apply for a consultation, you have a great opportunity to receive a consultation from a professional Architect’s office and at the same time a manufacturer-builder free of charge and in one place. From the Architect you will receive information that allows you to understand where and how, in your municipality, on your plot of land, you can place the building, how to coordinate it, what are the rules, deadlines, types of networks and connections, distances from neighbors and much more useful information. .

From the manufacturer-builder you will receive information about the types of modular houses, types of wall, floor and ceiling insulation and their thicknesses, finishing materials, finishing paints, types and colors of roofing materials, interior design options, types of glazing, colors, advantages and much more. what else.

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