We use high-quality polymer patio boards, which are available in different colors. We use the best polymer patio boards supplied to us by a professional manufacturer with extensive experience. Polymer board coverings are very practical, the boards are guaranteed by the manufacturer, they are easy to maintain, they do not twist and crack, they have a durable color. Such plains look very aesthetic and rich. According to the customer’s wishes, we can use any other wooden terrace boards.


For roofing we use cellular polycarbonate 16 mm thick. Colors – transparent, milky white and bronze. As an alternative solution, we offer organic glass Plexiglass 10 mm coating. We install the material you prefer, as well as recommend your variant. We purchase roofing materials from a manufacturer, an international company that works with high quality materials and raw materials. The company’s field of activity is the Scandinavian market with special weather conditions – higher snow, wind and rain loads.


In places where there are no ready-made foundations, we use galvanized screw piles. The main advantages of screw piles – installation speed, no prior preparation is required for their installation, possibility to quickly dismantle or move them if necessary. The foundations of screw piles are an environmentally friendly solution, no damage to the lawn or greenery. The process does not result in unnecessary construction debris. It can be easily installed in places where it is difficult to access with heavy equipment and can be installed in any weather conditions (manufacturer’s description). If we install the alignment on an existing concrete base, then we use galvanized metal feet, which are incorporated into the terrace structure and connected to the concrete base.


For the production of the frame we use high-quality glued pine solid wood, which ensures the wood’s resistance to cracking, torsion, it has no twigs and other natural defects. In this way we achieve maximum resistance of parts to rain, snow and wind loads. We perform triple treatment of the frame (tinting impregnant, priming varnish, decorative varnishing). Our wooden parts meet the highest requirements and provide a very high quality product and aesthetic visual appearance.

Our sliding systems

We use high-quality aluminum sliding systems, in which we incorporate 5 mm thick tempered glass. Tempered glass is more impact resistant and will protect you and your family from injuries in the event of a break. We also install fixed glass walls. The systems close the rooms very well from wind, rain and snow.